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Top 10 Interior Design Trends for This Year: What’s In and What’s Out

Top 10 Interior Design Trends for This Year What's In and What's Out
Image Credit: Our Old House

Whether you’re refreshing your living space or planning a full makeover, staying up-to-date with the latest interior design trends can help you create a home that feels stylish and welcoming. Trends can make a big difference in how a space looks and feels, adding modern touches that reflect your personal style.

Knowing the top interior design trends for this year will guide you in making choices that can transform your space. From new color palettes to innovative furniture styles, embracing these trends ensures your home remains both functional and on-trend. You’ll find that incorporating even a few key elements can breathe new life into your surroundings.

1) Bold Wallpaper

Bold wallpaper is making a big splash in 2024. People are turning to dramatic patterns and vibrant colors to add personality to their spaces. This trend is perfect for those who aren’t afraid to make a statement.

Flora and fauna prints are especially popular. Think of lush greens and tropical birds. These designs can make any room feel like a mini oasis.

Modern heritage style is also trendy. Checks, tartans, and traditional patterns are back. They create a cozy, inviting atmosphere that feels timeless.

Another popular trend is New-Retro Bohemian. This style combines vintage patterns with bold colors. It’s a fun way to mix old and new.

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is becoming more common. It’s easy to apply and remove, making it renter-friendly. Now you can experiment with bold wallpaper without commitment.

Don’t forget about black and white motifs. They are versatile and can match nearly any décor. This classic combo can be both striking and subtle.

Incorporating bold wallpaper can transform your space. Whether you go for something wild or classic, there’s a perfect option out there for you. Embrace the trend and make your home truly unique.

2) Sustainable Materials

Using sustainable materials is a huge trend in interior design this year. These materials reduce environmental impact and create a healthier living space. You can make your home eco-friendly by picking materials that are recycled, reclaimed, or have a low carbon footprint.

Recycled glass is a stylish and sustainable option for countertops and tiles. It adds a unique touch to your home while keeping waste out of landfills. Reclaimed wood is another popular choice. It brings character and warmth to your space, and no new trees are cut down.

Bamboo, a fast-growing plant, is a fantastic alternative to traditional hardwood. It’s durable and looks great in flooring and furniture. Cork is also a renewable resource that’s perfect for flooring and even wall coverings. It’s soft, durable, and adds a natural feel to your home.

Organic cotton and wool are great for textiles. These materials are grown without harmful pesticides and are biodegradable. They’re perfect for things like curtains, rugs, and upholstery.

Consider using eco-friendly paint that has low or zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It’s better for the environment and your health.

By choosing sustainable materials, you’re making a positive impact on the planet and giving your home a modern, fresh look. Learn more about stylish sustainable materials here.

3) Mixed Metals

Mixing metals is a trendy and bold interior design move for 2024. Gone are the days of sticking to just one metal finish in a room. Embrace the freedom to mix gold, silver, copper, and brass. This approach adds depth and contrast to your space.

When you mix metals, think about balance. Use one metal as the dominant finish and the others as accents. For example, pair a brass chandelier with silver door handles. This creates a cohesive look without overwhelming the eye.

Mixed metals can appear in various parts of your home. Use different finishes in light fixtures, hardware, or decor accents. This mix can help enhance your overall decor by adding dimension and warmth. A bold mix makes any room feel stylish and modern.

You don’t need to stick to a minimal approach. Go daring with a mix of several metal tones to elevate the style and ambiance of your home. Small touches, like picture frames or vases, can also introduce mixed metals subtly.

Learn more about the appeal of mixed metals in interior design.

4) Classic Blue Accents

Classic blue accents are making a comeback this year. You can see this rich, calming color in many new interior design trends. It’s versatile and pairs well with various styles.

Adding blue accents to your home can create a refreshing feel. Think of using blue throw pillows, vases, or artwork. These small touches can bring a sense of peace to any room.

You can use blue in larger pieces too. Consider a blue couch or a set of blue chairs. These items make a bold statement without overpowering your space.

Another great idea is to use blue textiles. Blue curtains or bedding can make your bedroom feel tranquil. They also add a touch of luxury.

Blue works well in different rooms. A blue rug in the living room or blue towels in the bathroom can tie the entire look together. You can also mix in other shades of blue for variety.

Incorporating classic blue accents is easy and stylish. Whether you choose small decor items or larger furniture pieces, blue can enhance your home’s atmosphere. Keep it simple and enjoy the calming effect of this beautiful color.

5) Curved Furniture

Curved furniture is making a big splash in interior design right now. You see it everywhere, from sofas and chairs to coffee tables and lamps. The popularity of curves is about adding softness and flow to your space.

Curves can make your home feel more inviting and cozy. They break up the harsh lines and angles, giving rooms a smoother, more relaxed vibe. This design trend can be a game changer, especially in small spaces where you want to avoid a boxy feel.

Consider adding a curved sofa in your living room or a round coffee table. These pieces not only look stylish but also create a focal point. Plus, they pair well with various styles, like modern, Scandinavian, or even boho chic.

You can also mix in natural textures to highlight the curves. Think about using materials like wood, stone, and natural fibers. This can add an organic touch that feels both fresh and welcoming. For more ideas, check out Curved Furniture: The Hottest New Trend in Interior Design.

To diversify your décor, blend different textures and forms. Combining smooth and rugged finishes will elevate the look. For more ways to embrace this trend, look at 7 Ways To Bring The Curved Furniture Trend To Your Home.

6) Earthy Tones

Earthy tones are making a big comeback in interior design this year. These colors bring a warm and inviting feel to any space. Think browns, beiges, and terracottas. They’re perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in your home.

You can start by choosing furniture in these shades. A cognac leather sofa or a terracotta accent chair can add a touch of elegance to your living room. Pairing these with neutral colors like white or taupe will keep the room balanced and stylish.

Wall colors are another great way to incorporate earthy tones. Shades like caramel and rust make your space feel grounded and connected to nature. These colors are also incredibly versatile, matching well with various styles and decor pieces.

Accessories and decor items are easy ways to include earthy tones in your home. Think about adding terracotta pots, woven baskets, or even a cozy brown throw blanket. These small touches can make a big difference in enhancing the overall vibe of your space.

Earthy tones are all about bringing the warmth of the outdoors into your home. They’re timeless and work well with many design styles, making them a popular choice. If you want to see specific examples, check out this blog about earthy tones.

7) Smart Home Features

Smart home features are becoming a big part of modern living. You can control everything from lights to security systems using just your smartphone or voice commands.

Imagine waking up and telling your virtual assistant to start your coffee maker. This is now possible with smart home integration. Smart thermostats can learn your habits and adjust temperatures automatically, saving you energy and money.

Another cool feature is smart lighting. You can change the color and brightness of your lights with a simple voice command. Set the mood for a movie or brighten things up for reading. It’s all in your control.

Smart security systems also give you peace of mind. Cameras, doorbell video feeds, and smart locks can all be monitored and controlled remotely. Get alerts on your phone if something unusual happens.

Eco-conscious smart water networks are gaining popularity too. These systems monitor water usage and detect leaks early, helping you conserve water and reduce bills.

Adding smart features to your home makes life more convenient and efficient. It’s all about creating a space that works better for you. Smart homes are the future, and they’re already here.

8) Large Scale Art

Large scale art pieces are making a big impact in 2024. Think oversize paintings, sculptures, and installations. These statement pieces can define a room’s aesthetic all on their own.

When choosing large art, consider the colors and themes in your space. A custom-made canvas can tie together the room’s decor in a unique way.

Placement is key. Make sure the art is the focal point. Hang it on a big, empty wall or place a sculpture in a spot where it can be seen from different angles.

Large art isn’t just for living rooms. You can also use big pieces in bedrooms, dining areas, or even hallways. It’s a great way to add personality and style to any space.

For inspiration, check out some current trends in 2024 interiors which include integrating large-scale artwork. Don’t be afraid to go bold!

Incorporating large art pieces can truly elevate your home’s interior design. It’s all about choosing the right piece that resonates with you and complements your space.

9) Minimalist Lighting

Minimalist lighting focuses on simple designs that provide elegance without clutter. Think clean lines, basic shapes, and functionality. This style often uses materials like metal, glass, and wood to create timeless looks.

Pendant lights are a common choice in minimalist lighting. They hang from the ceiling and come in a variety of styles to suit different spaces. These lights add a modern touch without being too flashy.

Wall-mounted lights work well for minimalist design too. They offer subtle illumination and free up table space. You can find wall lights in sleek, unobtrusive designs that blend seamlessly with any room.

Floor lamps can also contribute to a minimalist vibe. Look for designs with thin bases and simple shades. These lamps provide good lighting without taking up too much visual space.

Table lamps are another option for minimalist lighting. Choose lamps with clean lines and neutral colors. They should complement your furniture without drawing too much attention. This creates a calm and uncluttered atmosphere.

Consider fixtures with integrated LED lights. They are energy-efficient and fit well with minimalist aesthetics. LED lights can be found in modern, streamlined designs that keep your space looking fresh and organized.

For more ideas, check out some modern suspension pendants that combine vintage influence with simplicity. They can be the perfect finishing touch for open floor plans. Embrace minimalist lighting to enhance your home’s design without overpowering it.

10) Multipurpose Spaces

Multipurpose spaces are becoming a big deal in homes today. Instead of having rooms with just one function, people are now designing areas that serve multiple purposes.

For example, your living room could also function as a home office. This trend makes your space more useful and efficient.

Another idea is combining a guest room with a workout area. This way, you have a place for guests to stay, but also a spot to exercise when the room is empty.

People appreciate the flexibility and convenience that multipurpose spaces offer. You can use your space in different ways based on your needs.

In smaller homes or apartments, this trend is especially useful. You can make the most out of every square foot by having rooms serve more than one function.

If you work from home, consider designing a corner of your living room as a workspace. It can be as simple as adding a desk and some shelves.

Lastly, think about your lifestyle and what you need from your home. By creating multipurpose spaces, you make your home more adaptable and practical.

Explore more ideas for multipurpose spaces at Homes and Gardens.

Conor Jameson
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Conor Jameson was born and raised in Ireland where he was an accomplished carpenter by trade. He moved to the United States after meeting his now wife Sarah, while she was studying abroad. Conor and Sarah currently live in the New England area and love buying, renovating and selling old homes.

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