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Editorial Policy

1. Purpose and Values

Our website is dedicated to providing high-quality, human-written, accurate, and engaging content to our readers. We value integrity, transparency, and respect in all of our content.

We celebrate American culture, history, and current events through compelling articles that educate, inform, and entertain our readers. We love our freedoms, especially freedom of the press. Our team’s daily goal is to produce content in the following areas.

  • American History: What you learned in school just covered the surface of our nation’s past. We go deeper and bring you factual stories from colonial times through yesterday.
  • Military: Our military and service members are the defenders of freedom, and their stories must be told. We cover all branches, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Space Force.
  • Quizzes: We love creating challenging ways to test your knowledge of America. If you love mental exercise, we invite you to attend the challenge and see how you score.
  • Current Events: Every day, new events shape our nation. We find the latest events that our audience wants to know about from sources such as X (formally Twitter), YouTube, Newsrooms, Reddit, etc., and try to make sense of them all for you, including proposed legislation from our lawmakers, threats to our freedoms, and anything else that concerns the great people of the United States of America.

2. Content Standards

  • Accuracy: All information must be fact-checked and sourced from reliable and verifiable origins.
  • Objectivity: Content should be unbiased, presenting all sides of an issue fairly.
  • Originality: All content must be human-written, original and plagiarism-free and follow our Fair Use policy. Proper credit must be given for quotes and references.
  • Clarity: Articles should be written in clear, straightforward language, avoiding jargon and complex terms.

3. Editorial Independence

Our editorial team operates independently of any external influence. Advertisers and sponsors do not dictate content decisions.

4. Corrections and Updates

If an error is identified, we will correct it promptly and transparently. Updates to articles will be clearly marked with the date of the revision.

Please get in touch with us for any corrections or update requests at or on our Contact Us page.

5. Contributor Guidelines

  • Qualifications: Contributors should have expertise or significant knowledge in their subject area.
  • Ethics: All contributors must adhere to ethical standards, avoiding conflicts of interest.
  • Review Process: Our editorial team thoroughly reviews all submissions for accuracy, relevance, and adherence to our guidelines.

6. User Engagement

We encourage readers to engage with our content through comments and feedback. All user interactions should be respectful and constructive. Offensive or inappropriate comments will be moderated.

7. Advertising and Sponsorship

Advertisements will be clearly distinguished from editorial content. We do not allow ads that mislead or deceive our readers.

8. Privacy

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our readers. Personal information will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy.

9. Contact Information

For any inquiries or feedback, readers can contact us at

We aim to build trust and foster a community of informed and engaged readers by adhering to these principles.