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AI Policy

At Our Old House, we embrace the power of innovation and experimentation. To supplement and enhance our journalism and reporting efforts, we have integrated Generative AI (such as ChatGPT) into our workflow.

While Generative AI is not a journalist, it can support and speed up our work by gathering information, handling production tasks, and aiding in the quality of our content. Here’s how we will be using Generative AI:

  • Content Assembly Assistance: Generative AI may help with assembling content before publication by providing SEO suggestions, keywords, and briefs. However, no content will be published without a thorough review by an editor.
  • Ideation: Generative AI may help brainstorm and generate ideas for new content. Our editorial team will review and develop all ideas before proceeding.
  • Headline Creation: Generative AI may assist in creating compelling headlines. However, all headlines will be reviewed and approved by an editor before publication.
  • Initial Content Review: AI may perform an initial review for grammar and style. An editor will then finalize all content before it goes live.
  • Multiple Content Versions: AI may help create multiple or alternate versions (such as summaries and briefs) of our content for different platforms, such as social media. None of these versions will be published without an editor’s review.
  • Research and Data Assistance: AI may provide research, information, and data to assist in reporting. All content will be fact-checked and reviewed by journalists and editors before publication.

Please Note: Our content is created and reviewed by human writers and editors. Generative AI is used solely to support and enhance our production processes, not to replace our talented team. All final decisions and publications are made by our human staff.

For any questions about our content, please reach out through our Contact Us page.