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Our Old House started as a small Facebook group run by Sarah and Conor Jameson. It is a community of people who want to connect and share their love of antique, historical, period, and old homes. That community currently has over 2 million members and continues to grow daily. Check it out and join here.

Running a group of that size made us realize that people have many questions every day, and those questions get asked repeatedly by different people looking for the same answer. That is how this website came to be. We decided to create content that answered these questions so we could share it with our group members and allow anyone to access it as well.

Our goal is to create content that will benefit each and every homeowner in America. We want to be the go-to resource for all things housing. Our content creation team focuses on the following areas.

  • Home Improvement/DIY: Tips and tutorials for various home improvement projects, from basic repairs to complex renovations. Step-by-step guides and advice to help homeowners tackle projects on their own.
  • Home Life: Articles and insights on everyday living, covering topics like family activities, home organization, and lifestyle tips. They are aimed at making daily life more enjoyable and efficient for families.
  • Outdoors: Content focused on outdoor living spaces, gardening, and landscaping—guides on creating beautiful and functional outdoor areas, along with maintenance tips for gardens and lawns.
  • Home Decor: Inspiration and ideas for decorating every room in the house. Trends, tips, and tricks for creating stylish, comfortable living spaces that reflect personal taste.
  • Real Estate: Information on buying, selling, and renting properties, along with market trends and investment advice. Resources for both prospective homeowners and real estate professionals.

From Our Editor: Why You Should Trust Us

Conor Jameson Headshot
Conor Jameson

I’m Conor Jameson, the editor at Our Old House, and I believe that reliable content is vital for a healthy internet.

Our team consists of trained content writers and journalists dedicating their careers to upholding the profession’s highest standards. We adhere to a strict editorial policy to ensure our content is accurate and fair. Our AI and Fair Use policies further reinforce our commitment to integrity. You can trust us to provide well-researched, balanced, and trustworthy information.

Please read our policies for more information: Editorial Policy | AI Policy | Fair Use Policy

If you have any questions or concerns about these policies, contact me at or our Contact Us page.

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