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15 Creative DIY Storage Solutions for Small Spaces That Maximize Every Inch

15 Creative DIY Storage Solutions for Small Spaces That Maximize Every Inch
Image Credit: Our Old House

Do you struggle with finding enough storage in your small space? When living in a compact area, maximizing every inch is crucial for staying organized and clutter-free.

Discovering creative DIY storage solutions can help you make the most out of your limited space. From clever shelving to multi-functional furniture, there are many ways to optimize your home. These easy and practical tips will transform your small space and provide the extra storage you need.

1) Under-bed Storage Drawers

Under-bed storage drawers are a great way to make use of the space under your bed. These drawers can be bought or made at home, and they help keep your room tidy by providing extra storage.

You can find many types of under-bed drawers, from simple plastic bins to elegant wooden models with wheels. Wooden drawers with upholstered fronts add a touch of style to your bedroom while keeping your belongings hidden.

DIY under-bed drawers can be a fun project. You can use wood scraps and add casters to make them easier to pull out. Just make sure the drawers are about two inches shorter than the space under your bed to allow for easy movement.

These drawers are perfect for storing clothing, shoes, or even books. They are especially useful for seasonal items that you don’t need to access all the time.

With rolling under-bed storage totes, you get the advantage of mobility. You can easily slide them in and out, making it convenient to access stored items. If you prefer something more permanent, stationary wooden drawers are a sturdy option.

Explore the wide range of under-bed storage ideas to suit your needs.

2) Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to add storage without taking up floor space. They can be installed in almost any room and provide an opportunity to display decorative items or keep everyday essentials within reach.

In the kitchen, you can use floating shelves to store spices, cookbooks, and small kitchen tools. They can also be used to showcase your favorite dishes and glassware, giving the space a stylish look.

In the living room, floating shelves can hold books, family photos, or even plants. Use sturdy wooden slabs to keep the room looking chic and organized. Floating shelves can also match the color of your furniture, like the natural wood shelves mentioned in The Spruce.

Bedrooms can also benefit from floating shelves. Install them to hold alarm clocks, lamps, or personal items. For a bohemian touch, you can create boho DIY floating shelves with small plants and bright colors.

In the bathroom, floating shelves can help organize toiletries and towels. They blend well with various decor styles and maximize space, especially in smaller bathrooms.

Floating shelves are versatile and functional, making them an excellent choice for any area that needs a bit of extra storage while keeping everything easily accessible. They are relatively easy to install and can greatly enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your home.

3) Vacuum-sealed storage bags

Vacuum-sealed storage bags are a great way to save space in your home. These bags work by removing the air from around your items, compressing them into a much smaller size. They are useful for storing bulky items like blankets, pillows, and winter clothes.

These bags are also a game-changer when it comes to travel. By using vacuum-sealed bags, you can pack more efficiently. They help you fit more into your suitcase, freeing up space for other essentials.

Consider using vacuum-sealed storage bags for keeping off-season clothes organized. Once you pack them in the bags and remove the air, you can slide them under your bed or stack them neatly in your closet. This way, they stay safe and clean until you need them again.

Another advantage is protecting your items from dust, moisture, and insects. The airtight seal keeps your belongings safe. This is particularly helpful for those who need to store items for long periods.

For small spaces, vacuum-sealed storage bags provide a simple solution. They help you maximize your storage and keep your space tidy. To learn more, check out these vacuum storage bags for organizing your home.

4) Pegboard Organizers

Pegboard organizers are a versatile and efficient way to organize your small space. You can use them in various rooms like garages, kitchens, and bedrooms. They are perfect for keeping tools, kitchen utensils, or craft supplies neatly arranged.

In garages, paint the pegboard in cheerful colors and add some wood trim for a polished look. Use hooks and holders to hang tools, gardening supplies, and even bikes. This keeps items off the floor and easy to reach.

In the kitchen, pegboards are great for storing pots, pans, and utensils. You can hang shelves or spice racks on the pegboard to keep your cooking essentials within arm’s reach. It saves cabinet space and adds a stylish touch to your kitchen decor.

For bedrooms, pegboards can hold jewelry, accessories, or even small shelves for books. Customize the layout with different pegs and hooks to suit your needs. It’s a functional and decorative solution for limited space.

In entryways, you can use leftover pegboard and thin dowels to hang keys, hats, and umbrellas. The dowels can be moved around to fit different items, making it more flexible than traditional racks. This creates a neat and organized entry point to your home.

To get more ideas and inspirations for pegboard organizers, visit The Spruce.

5) Over-the-door shoe rack

An over-the-door shoe rack is a great way to save space. You can easily hang it on the back of any door. This option is perfect for small apartments where floor space is limited.

This shoe rack uses vertical space. It can hold many pairs of shoes without taking up any room on the floor. You can also use it in your bedroom or closet.

The installation is simple. Most over-the-door racks come with hooks that fit standard doors. No tools are needed, and you can move it if you choose. This is useful if you are renting your home.

There are various designs to pick from. Some have pockets to hold each shoe, while others have shelves or bars. Choose a style that suits your needs and the type of shoes you own.

Using an over-the-door shoe rack also keeps your shoes organized and accessible. You can quickly see and grab the pair you want without rummaging through a pile. This is especially helpful in the morning when you are in a hurry.

Find more ideas for shoe storage at The Spruce or Simple Life of a Lady.

6) Hidden Storage in Furniture

Hidden storage in furniture is a smart way to use the space in your home. One option is to use a media console with concealed compartments. This helps keep your living area tidy by hiding devices, cords, and other small items out of sight.

Consider a coffee table with a lift-top. It offers storage space for magazines, remotes, and other items, while also providing a handy surface when raised.

If you’re aiming for storage in the bedroom, think about using under-the-bed drawers. You can turn an old drawer into under-the-bed storage by adding casters. This simple modification makes it easy to roll the drawer in and out.

Ottomans with storage are another good choice. They are multipurpose, serving as seating, footrests, and storage. Inside, you can store blankets, books, or anything else you’d like to keep out of view.

A storage bench can be placed at the foot of your bed or in the entryway. It’s great for storing shoes, bags, or seasonal clothing while also providing a place to sit.

For the bathroom, a mirror with a built-in cabinet can hide toiletries and other small items. This keeps your bathroom clutter-free and organized. This kind of mirror cabinet is easy to mount directly onto the wall.

By incorporating these hidden storage solutions, you can maximize space and maintain a neat environment in your home.

7) Wall-mounted bike rack

A wall-mounted bike rack is a great way to save space in your home, especially if you have a small apartment. By hanging your bike on the wall, you free up floor space for other uses.

To ensure the rack is secure, it’s important to mount it into a wall stud. This provides the necessary support to hold the weight of the bike.

Wall-mounted racks come in many designs. Some have arms that adjust to fit different bike frames. For example, the Feedback Velo 2D rack has arms that move up and down to fit almost any bike.

Another option is a simple metal hook. This straightforward solution is easy to install and use. You can also find elegant wooden racks that blend well with your decor, which you can make yourself using pallets.

A wall-mounted rack can also include shelves. These shelves provide extra storage for helmets, gloves, and other accessories. Incorporating floating shelves around the bike rack adds personality to the wall and additional storage space for small items.

8) Pull-out pantry shelves

Pull-out pantry shelves can transform the storage space in your kitchen. These shelves can help you reach items at the back without having to move everything in front.

You can find options with raised edges to keep pantry staples in place. Some models, like the 434 Series Base Filler, fit narrow spaces and even include vertical pegboards.

Installing drawer shelves within cabinets can also be a game-changer. These shelves make it easy to access large cookware and serving bowls. Customizable designs ensure they fit any kitchen size, making organizing and accessing items easier.

If you have a small kitchen, these solutions can maximize your space efficiently. They keep items out of sight while ensuring everything is organized and easy to reach. Consider adding pull-out shelves to help manage limited space and keep your kitchen clutter-free.

9) Convertible Sofa Bed with Storage

A convertible sofa bed with storage is a smart solution for small spaces. It serves two purposes: seating and sleeping. This makes it perfect for a studio apartment or a guest room. The added storage is a bonus.

You can find styles with built-in drawers or compartments. These allow you to store items such as blankets, pillows, or extra bedding. Such multifunctional furniture keeps your living area tidy and organized.

One DIYer built a sofa bed using wood boards and plywood. The project cost about $1,040 and included premium mattresses. If you’re handy, you can recreate this at home.

There are also many ready-made options. For example, the Gizoon Convertible Sofa Bed is available on Amazon. It comes in two colors and is a great choice for limited spaces.

By combining functionality and style, a convertible sofa bed with storage is a practical addition to your home. It maximizes space while providing extra storage.

10) Hanging Fruit Basket

A hanging fruit basket can save counter space in your kitchen. It keeps your fruits fresh and within reach.

You’ll need sturdy, decorative baskets and strong hooks. Choose a spot in your kitchen where the baskets won’t be in the way but are still accessible.

Measure and mark where you want the hooks to go. Drill holes if needed, then screw the hooks into place.

Hang the baskets from the hooks. Make sure they are level and secure.

You can find more tips on creating a DIY hanging fruit basket online.

Adding a hanging basket can make your kitchen look organized while keeping fruits in easy reach.

11) Corner Shelving Units

Corner shelving units are perfect for making use of unused space. They fit snugly into corners, creating extra storage without taking up much room.

You can find sleek and shiny corner shelves suited for bathrooms. These often feature glass and stainless steel for a modern look. They are easy to clean and provide ample room for towels, candles, and toiletries.

Wooden crate shelves offer a rustic flair. You can repurpose old crates into chic corner shelves, adding a vintage touch to your home. These eco-friendly options are great for displaying books and decorative items.

For those who enjoy DIY projects, building your own corner shelves can be fun and rewarding. You can even upcycle old materials like louver doors to create unique shelving units. This allows you to customize the design to fit your space perfectly.

Small corner shelves are great for desks and home offices. They help organize supplies and keep your workspace clutter-free. Adding a few above your desk can keep your work essentials within easy reach.

For more inspiration, check out these 45 corner shelf ideas or explore 20 DIY corner shelf ideas to find the perfect fit for your home.

12) Magazine Racks for Kitchen Lids

Using magazine racks to store kitchen lids is a smart idea. These racks are easy to find and often inexpensive. You can mount a magazine rack on the back of a cupboard door or inside a pantry.

Measure your lids to make sure they fit well in the rack. This setup keeps your kitchen tidy and your lids easy to reach. By reusing a simple item, you maximize space without spending a lot.

Try to choose a rack made from sturdy material. Metal racks are durable and can support heavier lids. Installing a magazine rack only takes a few minutes and requires minimal tools.

This method is practical and keeps your lids organized. It’s a clever way to use vertical space in your kitchen. Consider adding more than one rack if you have many lids.

Using magazine racks can also free up drawer space. This makes your kitchen more efficient. It’s a straightforward solution that anyone can try at home. Check out more details on this idea from Homebnc.

13) Rolling Cart for Bathroom Supplies

Using a rolling cart in your bathroom can help keep everything organized and easy to find. You can choose a plastic or metal cart, depending on your style and needs. For example, a plastic rolling bathroom cart by Flowmist offers a sleek look while keeping things tidy.

A rolling cart is great for storing towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. You can place it next to your shower or vanity for quick access. This helps keep your countertops clear and clutter-free.

You can also use a rolling cart for makeup storage. Put your brushes, palettes, and other makeup items neatly on the cart’s shelves. If you need to move your makeup station, simply roll the cart to another location.

Consider adding small bins or baskets to your cart for even more organization. Label each bin to know exactly where everything is. This is especially helpful for smaller items like cotton balls, q-tips, and hair ties.

If you have a tiny bathroom, a slim rolling cart can fit into narrow spaces. A slim bathroom cart will maximize storage without taking up too much room. Its compact design makes it perfect for fitting between the sink and toilet.

By using a rolling cart, you can make the most of your bathroom space and keep everything organized.

14) Stackable bins

Stackable bins are a smart way to maximize space in a small area. These bins are designed to be placed on top of each other, making use of vertical space. They work great in closets, garages, or even under the sink.

Using stackable bins allows you to organize different items separately. You can have one bin for toys, another for cleaning supplies, and another for seasonal clothing. This way, everything has its place.

Look for clear bins to easily see what’s inside without having to open them. Labeling each bin can also help you quickly find what you need.

Different sizes of stackable bins can be used to fit various spaces. Smaller bins are perfect for tight areas, while larger bins can hold bulkier items like blankets or sports gear. For more ideas on creative storage solutions, you can explore various options.

Stackable bins are also mobile. You can stack them in one spot and move the entire stack to another location easily. This is particularly helpful during cleaning or moving. Stackable bins provide both flexibility and efficient storage.

15) Murphy Bed with Built-In Shelves

A Murphy bed with built-in shelves is a smart way to maximize your living space. When the bed is folded up, it gives you extra room to move around. The shelves can hold books, decorations, or other items, making them both functional and stylish.

Adding this type of bed is great for rooms that double as offices or guest rooms. You can work during the day and convert the room into a guest space at night.

Some designs even feature desks or cabinets. This way, you can use the shelves and desk when the bed is up, and still enjoy a comfy spot to sleep when it’s down.

You can find these beds in various styles and sizes. Whether you prefer modern, rustic, or classic, there’s a Murphy bed design that will fit your décor. Kits are available if you want to take on a DIY project, or you can purchase a pre-made one.

One inspiration is a modern Murphy bed with shelves and a desk. It combines storage and workspace within the bed unit, perfect for tight spaces.

Another idea is a vibrant pink built-in Murphy bed with shelves. It stands out as a feature in the room, adding both color and function.

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